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Nov 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
small but consistent lead over tea party favorite ken cuccinelli. both men are viewed unfavorably in the most recent quinnipiac poll. the other closely watched race, of course, is right here in new jersey. governor chris christie is taking on, quick, can you name his democratic opponent? it's state senator barbara bouno. we phrase it that way not to knock her but merely as a reflection of the current polls and the fact that national democrats haven't exactly been bending over backwards to give her a hand. christie is leading by nearly 30% in the quinnipiac poll that just came out yesterday. the governor is a republican in a decidedly blue state. president obama won here last year by 18 points, a landslide tonight could allow him to appeal to his party and say i can do the same thing at the national level if i run for president, appeal to democrats and he's made no secret that a run for the oval office is a possibility. first things first. earlier i boarded christie's bus to spend the day getting exclusive behind the scenes access to his re-election campaign for governor. it's morning
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
learned. alternately, if we look at virginia, ken cuccinelli is probably more likely going to lose. >> according to polls. >> right, according to polls. very conservative candidate. so i think a lot of people will be watching and seeing what lessons they can take away. >> bill, do you think ideology is an important part of the virginia race? >> sure, but i think he didn't run a good campaign. he was very much hurt by the governor, who was very popular. it's made it hard for the campaign to raise ethics issues which are certainly there to be raised. cuccinelli has closed some and is now running on obama care, probably should have done that earlier. he's been critical of it, he wants to limit the effect of it in virginia. terry mcauliffe embraced obama care. if this race closes down to five, four points, or possibly a tie or tiny victory tomorrow, that will show how potent obama care is. but i'm told by people, i talked to people close to the campaign, they do think the obama care thing is cutting in their favor. it may be a little too late but i think he has an outside shot to nip m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2